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Palok Traboini, teacher, poet, warrior

Flamuri i Deçiqit 1911.

Curriculum VitaeAs a State, Albania was formed recently - in the early 20th century when after many wars she proclaimed independence on November 28, 1912 – but history knows this peoples from the most ancient of times. She endured scores of invasions since Roman times; nearly 450 years under the Ottoman Empire alone. This nation’s aspiration for freedom and independence has been expressed in countless wars and resistance, which have made it one of the most militant peoples in the Balkans.

Krenet e malesise se Madhe, majtas ne kembe Kel Marubi.
Albanian national movements for independence, inspired by the deeds of Gjergj Kastrioti-Skenderbeu (Scanderbeg), have had their centers of resistance throughout the Albanian domain, in the south and north. Especially distinguished in the uprising of 1911, which was one of the driving forces that one year later would bring independence and the formation of the Albanian state, are Kosova and Shkoder’s …